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Being a Child of the Ocean I truly love spending my days at the beautiful beaches here in Cornwall.. it is where I feel free… when I am not surfing… swimming or walking the stunning coastline.. I love to relax on the beach… feel at peace & Handcraft beautifully unique Sea Jewels… it is such a passion.


Nicky is wearing the Amazonite Healing Crystal Necklace… Amazonite wrapped in Rose Gold Plated Wire with Grey Faux Suede Cord… Amazonite ensures your Yin & Yang energies are in harmony… bringing you joy & happiness… Nicky is an Ocean lover who is totally connected with her surroundings… Nicky loves to Kitesurf & Surf… as well as practicing Movement Coaching & Well Being here at the beautiful beaches of Cornwall… bringing peace & tranquillity.


Paula is wearing the Blue Obsidian Healing Crystal Necklace… Blue Obsidian a stone of the water element drawing a parallel between us & our aquatic energies… bringing adventure with all life around you… Paula loves to travel in her campervan to many of the gorgeous beaches here in Cornwall… spending her days Sketching & Painting the coastline… Paula is not only an amazing Body Boarder who has so much stoke for the waves… but a superb Ambassador for keeping our beaches clean & plastic free.


Amanda is wearing the Make Waves Fluorite Earrings… Fluorite is an excellent crystal to attract good news… keeping motivation levels high & aiding you achieve all that you set out to do… Amanda loves spending her days at the beautiful beaches of Cornwall… walking the stunning coastline with her amazing pooch Louie & capturing the views… Amanda is a super Belly Boarder zooming along the waves with style & she loves to Surf too… all of which always that puts that fantastic smile on her beautiful face.


Alexa is wearing the Tigers Eye Healing Crystal Necklace… Tigers Eye encourages you to live boldly, fiercely & bravely in all aspects of your life… Alexa is a Professional Photographer with her renowned Wedding Photography Business… taking stunning pictures of the Happy couple’s day on the beautiful beaches here in Cornwall… Alexa loves the Ocean with a passion… such an inspiration Surfing & charging the big waves with style… & adventuring around the World to find them.


Ingrid is wearing the Amethyst Healing Crystal Bracelet… Amethyst has legendary powers to stimulate & soothe the mind & emotions… Ingrid feels part of the Ocean … she loves to be in or around it… Swimming, Surfing, Supping, Skating down to the beach to watch the waves… or walking the on the beautiful beaches here in Cornwall with her amazing pooch Mij… it is where she feels at one.

Jo Jo

Jo Jo is wearing the Ocean Breeze Amazonite Earrings & the Blue Quartz Healing Crystal Necklace… Amazonite is a fabulous stone if you want something to manifest in your life… making your dreams come true… Blue Quartz can enhance creativity & expression… an uplifting stone bringing happiness & peace… Jo Jo is a local Designer who is Inspired by the Ocean & Surf culture… a true water babe… spending her days with her beautiful family of surfers at the stunning Cornish Beaches… Jo Jo’s Long Boarding skills are mesmerising to watch as she dances along her Long board in the beautiful waves.

Sea Jewels by Karina

Karina is wearing the Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Necklace… Rose Quartz wrapped in 925 Sterling Silver & 925 Sterling Silver Chain… complimented by the Dream Catcher Rose Quartz Earrings… Rose Quartz is recognised as the Centre of Universal Love.. opening the heart to promote love & deep inner feeling of peace… I have so many lovely pieces of Sea Jewels but these have to be one of my favourites… especially as I have so much love for the Ocean & all of these truly amazing Mermaids.  xxx 

Addional Information


If you have any Questions regarding a particular Sea Jewel… would like more information on a Healing Crystal or would like to discuss creating that Special Gift for yourself or a loved one please contact me at [email protected] I would love to help.

Stocking Sea Jewels

If you are a Business Owner & interested in stocking Sea Jewels by Karina Jewellery then please get in touch. I pride myself on Handcrafting unique pieces of Jewellery… all Inspired by the Ocean. If you require further information please contact me at [email protected] I would love to discuss providing the perfect display of Sea Jewels for your Shop.